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  • Does Induscraft provide a Catalog?
    We do not provide a special catalog. You can see all our entire product range across furniture and décor on our online platform
  • Does Induscraft have any Retail Outlet?
    Yes, we have only one outlet at Jodhpur at the below address. We do not have any other outlets. Arihant Art Innovation ( INDUSCRAFT ) Showroom :- 9-A, Heavy Industrial Area,N/R Dainik Bhaskar. ITI Circle,Jodhpur (Raj.)
  • I saw a piece of furniture on Google that I liked, how can I find more information on it?"
    Please email the item code, name or link of item which you like at We would be happy to reply to your request.
  • What do we need to do to take care of our furniture?
    Never wipe furniture with a wet cloth and do not keep very hot Always wipe furniture with a dry cloth. If the wood gets a mark or a scratch, gently rub it down with extra fine wire wool in the direction of the grain, and restore the finish using beeswax/ lacquer
  • I have forgotten my password! What do I do ?
    Please reset your password or contact us at +91-291-6542677 or email us at
  • Where can I post my comment or review of a product?
    You can post your comment or review of a product on the product listing page of every product listed on our website.
  • What if I don’t get an item on time?
    Our priority is always to ensure that an order should reach the destination on time. But sometime delays due to unexpected weather or transport issues are sometimes out of our control, which at times do lead to delays. But we will do our best to keep you informed for such unexpected/unforeseen delays.
  • What is difference between king size bed and queen size bed?
    Queen Size bed has a 5 ft x 6.5 ft Mattress size, whereas a King Size bed has a size of 6 ft x 6.5 ft and costs more too
  • Which courier company does Induscraft use for shipping order?
    We have several logistics partners depending on the product or item. Our logistic partner include GATI, Airstate, FEDEX and Overnite . We also use local transport players for delivery of items in bulk.
  • How can I get instructions to assemble my furniture?
    You can assemble your furniture easily with help of any of your nearby local carpenter or call us for support. We also provide free installation in few cities for every product sold by us
  • Does Induscraft offer a re-upholstery service, or can you refer me to a reputable re-upholstery company?"
    Yes, we can provide re-upholstery service with additional charges
  • Can I get exactly same color of item as shown in image?
    We have made every effort to display products as accurately as possible. However, as the actual colors you see will depend on your monitor and other factors. We cannot guarantee that your monitor’s display of any color will accurately reflect the color of the product on delivery.
  • Is the dimension of products exactly the same as mentioned in the product listing?
    Dimensions / specifications / sizes mentioned of items displayed online on our website are approximately similar to the actual item.
  • What happens if I am out and not at home when you deliver?
    All deliveries need to be signed for, we will be unable to leave your Furniture outside of your home. However, we will keep you informed on the delivery to ensure you are aware of when it is reaching your home.
  • Does Induscraft deliver overseas?
    Yes we deliver to markets outside India but it depends on your ordered item’s size, quantity and order amount.
  • Where do you source your products originate?
    Our products are sourced originated from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, which is world famous place for its craftsmanship.
  • What wood do you use ?
    We use different kinds of hardwood, depending on the item being manufactured. Sheesham botanical name dalbergia, latifolia is the wood of choice for the majority of our production. A rosewood indigenous to India, it is hard, durable, heavy, has a densely packed grain, with warm rich tones. Other woods used are, Mango Wood, Acacia wood & Teak Wood.
  • Is your wood seasoned?
    All our wood is pressure treated to remove infestation. Subsequently, to prevent warping, it is seasoned, using the kiln dry process to lower the moisture content to 7, 8%.
  • What about construction and finish?
    We realize quality of construction and craftsmanship defines the appeal of piece of furniture . The wood and finishing techniques used, reveal the long lasting durability of our furniture. Tongue and groove and mortise and tenon joinery are used extensively. Wood is then stained, sealed and a protection coat is applied to the finished piece. No item is passed until it goes thru a detailed inspection, a rigorous quality process at Induscraft.
  • How do you pack all furniture you send the customers home?
    What good is a product if it arrives damaged at your or your customer's door? Depending on the item, we generously use a combination of foam sheets, bubble wrap, foam corners and finally the product is packed in pressure tested corrugated sheets or boxes.
  • Are finishes in collections identical?
    Our product is rustic and hand finished. Pieces will have a consistent overall look, however there will be some variance. Wood grain, texture and tones will vary from piece to piece due to the nature of the wood and its hand finished processing. The look will be similar, without being identical, which gives it that "one-of-a-kind" distinction.
  • What is considered natural distress?
    Natural cracks within the wood, knots, indentations and other superficial imperfections, all constitute natural distress. Since our furniture is handmade, there are elements of that process of construction (such as filled nail holes etc.) which are visible, upon close inspection. That blends in with the look of our furniture and adds to the rustic charm.
  • When do you launch new products or lines of furniture?
    Our in-house design team is continuously studying trends, directions and demographics. Based on their research and feedback, new products are constantly being introduced and added to already established lines. You will usually see such introductions before market.
  • How long do you take to process an order?
    After an order is finalized, normally about 3 to 5 weeks for orders, for individual products please check product delivery schedule.
  • Does the Company sell direct to the consumer?
    Yes we do sell directly to the consumer & we do wholesale too. If you are an individual interested in our furniture, you may contact us at or visit our website For wholesale or bulk orders,please drop us a email at
  • Do you take custom orders?
    Yes if the quantity is large enough. Our design staff will work with you to create what you have in mind. Before production starts we will ship you samples if so desired. These items will not be sold to the general public for a mutually agreed upon time period. Customers who have gone this route report excellent sales due to the exclusivity of design
  • What are your strengths as a furniture manufacturer?
    Proven saleable products at a price the consumer can afford, built with pride and confidence. An organization at the forefront of design and craftsmanship, Induscraft is a company where passion, promise and pride of work always comes together. Waxing & Polishing From time to time the furniture will need to be waxed. This should be done using a soft cloth and beeswax, which you should then buff using a soft lint-free cloth. Always work in the grain, and do no use silicon-based sprays or polish. Spills & Stains Although our furniture is dry-kilned and treated, we advise you not to place anything hot or wet directly onto the surface as staining may occur, so try to use protective mats or coasters. Should you spill any food or liquid on the wood, wipe it off immediately with a dry cloth. If the wood becomes marked, gently rub it down with extra fine wire wool in the direction of the grain, and restore the finish using beeswax. Direct Sunlight Position your furniture away from direct sunlight and heat, where practicable. This will protect the wood from fading, and help avoid any cracking and movement in the joints.
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