PHASE 1: Finding house which can be converted in to Home

When we start our journey of life with our life partner,this event called marriage and partner of life called life partner.

Both people have lot of dream in their eyes and very first dream is “Our home” sweet home.

You would definitely happy if you have big home, flat or eye catching river or beach view,but if this is not currently what you have No worries… have lot of way to create nice soothing home environment.

Few step to finding appropriate home is to:

  • Very first check your pocket, how heavy it is or what way you know to keep filled every time
  • Space requirement for your family
  • Society surrounding your house or flat
  • Check location which is at best approach to your works.
  • Outer view and nearby park or school

Consider these points before you select your home in  next few days we will talk more on this and elaborate points to pint

live happily,because we all do everything to live happily.

Best of luck, happy living.

Mukesh jain

Co founder

"Dream Home with Induscraft"

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