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CarmenCag Lilongwe 14:53:17 11-06-2022

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RalphMip Madagascar 10:15:29 09-02-2022

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KeithJok Loja 00:35:40 08-28-2022

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ureaheke Kimberley 16:49:23 04-28-2022 - Avamuhe Eaegaq

uidiezegaieb Tapa 16:30:24 04-28-2022 - Anubaso Uxoqidl

Nitika Gupta Gurgaon 01:03:29 03-20-2022

Ths is my 2nd Pc,a custized pc,.My 1st experience was excellent bt whn I ordrd my 2nd Pc,custzed,was a ttl disaster.had ordrd a console erythg was going prft and what I wanted was abided by dbly packed and shipped to my place but when I opnd it the corner was chipped with a Crack along with it carving was hopelessly done only the top lyr of wd was polished but not till deep inside only one quote of polish was done the draw no lock leg was broken sent all vdo to MrYash.He instructed his hired cmpny to cater to the prblm.He was asked to send the polish from Jaipur I kept calling MrYash but nothing hapnd I kept callg he stopped picking up my phone .The 1 st Pc I ordered was during peak covid and amazing I rcvd it in about 2 mnths whras ths Pc cme after 4 mths whas I was supposed to rec it in 5 wks but then also I kept my grudge to myself.Now I cnot do anything with this Pc so I had to discard it away.

Kanchan Pune 07:27:46 10-26-2021

I just bought a dining table and it's broken and they are not even fixing it Let aside replacement....think twice. These people cant be trusted

rishub BANGALORE 02:07:31 10-26-2021

Ordered a bed through their website, Having placed the order it was made out that the delivery would take about 3-4 weeks from the date or purchase, although long i decided to go forward with it and wait since i liked it. Since then its been over a month now and I am yet to receive the said purchase and the lack of customer interaction is appalling, Having taken the time to personally see if my order is even going to be fulfilled I was initially told it would come by 5 days time, a week has passed since that interaction and I was still not informed of the whereabouts of my Order. I called in today again to just find out that it would only be delivered next week on the 5th and that is also not guaranteed. This is one Ridiculous service that they are providing and their lack of informing their customers of these delays is far more infuriating. Be very wary when you buy From Induscraft

ogukowidanu Nailuva 10:42:48 05-03-2021 - Uqcepfowu Ivesogifa

ulgohod Bree 04:52:55 05-03-2021 - Iqiyev Onnenmucs

osihiovugfiwu Toa Payoh 04:44:58 05-03-2021 - Uditrecaq Aenofup

uymecofecev Brentwood 04:37:42 05-03-2021 - Auyerel Dmehibun

Vevek Bengaluru 01:41:24 03-14-2021

We purchased 6 seater dining table. One word - Fantastic! From the time of order, delivery, and setting it up, everything was done with utmost care and perfection. Induscraft is a great choice and highly recommend it if you would like to purchase furniture for all your needs. Kudos to the entire team who made this possible!

Pradeep Bangalore 05:51:42 03-04-2021

Excellent Product & Timely Delivery. Worth for the Price.

Dr.Neeta NOIDA 04:15:43 04-02-2020

I bought a bed and dining set from Indiscraft and guess what..... I ordered a wall to wall bookshelf also just because I saw "value for Money". Simply impresses with the finish and sturdy wood used. Also, must say that timely delivery make them good professionals. Always prompt to address an issue and action is their trademark besides the other commitments of quality and finish.

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