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Dr.Sapre. S Bangalore 04:38:27 02-19-2014

Hi We live in Bangalore, bought a Dinning Set with Bench from Indus craft. The material design and finish is excellent. Very close to what appears on online images. Very Cost effective ,its worth a buy from Indus crafts indeed. The thing we were a bit upset as the time of delivery we got this almost 3 weeks late. I hope hey must have improved on this area as well. Quality price and designs are wonderful if you like natural wood furniture. The way its wrapped and packed is excellent despite its travelling across 4- 5 states and reaching us its certainly safe to go ahead book your furniture.

Vinod patel Surat 03:59:17 02-19-2014

The furniture has been a HIT, many visitors to my house liked it and they are going to buy some furnitures from your website.

Srikanth Kumar Bangalore 06:34:06 02-12-2014

We had ordered "Modern Style Wooden Bed [ INB17 ]" as we liked the design. We liked it because of its simple design and also it is well within our budget. With an apprehension about delivery, we went ahead and placed an order. The product reached us much within stipulated time. The quality of work is exceptional. We are very very satisfied with the product that is delivered. The product was well packed and delivered without any damages. There is only one difficult part in this whole experience, where in we had no clue about the progress of our order and also it is being shipped from Jodhpur. Overall, the product is great. Its worth the money. Delivery was satisfactory. I suggested one of my friends too. Thank you and keep up the good work...

Prem Shankar Bangalore 03:12:38 02-06-2014

Dear Team Induscraft, We have received the dining table. First impressions look excellent! 




Anamika Singh Ghaziabad 00:16:22 02-06-2014

Recieved the bookcase. Thanks. Its looking great.

Sheela Mohan Mumbai 00:00:22 02-06-2014

Hi Induscraft,
Recd the roman sofas in ok condition yesterday. Thanks.
Sheela Mohan

Shree Harsha Bangalore 07:09:52 02-04-2014

I received the cot on Sunday. There are one or two slight cracks in one of the posts. But other than those the condition of the cot is good and I liked it very much. I also had no issues with the transporter as it was delivered right to my home. I had a very good experience buying it from you and I look forward to buying more items (a corner table and wall hanging book-shelf) from you. Thanks.

Urmil Rohtak 21:38:43 01-24-2014

I bought sofa, dining table, bed. tall boy, mirror frame and a book case, excellent furniture received a bit late but it was worth. Few times I happened to talk to Mr Mukeshs wife as well and really impressed with the customer service. I need a good shoe rack now, lets see what is there --still need t browse. Always complimented furniture----Indus Craft

Raj Mongia Delhi 01:36:43 01-20-2014

We bought a Dining Table with paraphernalia from Induscraft. We were totally amazed by the quality control and workmanship. To add to that a through professional attitude of Mr. Jain and his staff really impressed us. His willingness to satisfy customers even at the peril of his own interests is what separates him from other vendors. I would always buy my furniture from Induscraft.

Shampa Roy New Delhi 06:02:19 01-09-2014

I have purchased one sofa set with centre and side table from Induscraft..............and very happy for my decision. Their way of packing the material is owesome, as i was little worried about the shipment from Jodhpur to Delhi. But i got amazed to see their perfection. Thank you Induscraft.

Kirti Krishna Mumbai 13:09:08 12-31-2013

I had purchased a 6 seater dining set from induscraft. it was my first online furniture purchase but I liked the site and took my chance. I must say, the product was fantastic! although the delivery time was quite long, it was worth the wait as it was good sturdy quality and great value for money. thankyou induscraft.

shakti sinha hyderabad 10:13:17 11-21-2013

Received my sofa set yesterday. Good quality and finish. Very satisfied.

Mrs.S.Chitra Coimbatore 18:08:18 11-15-2013

Thank you very much will get back to you, when ever in need of furniture purchase. I decided not to buy furniture's any where else except Induscraft.

Mrs.S.Chitra Coimbatore 18:00:42 11-15-2013

When I planned to buy living room furniture's,I made a serious search in my home town in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, for a good quality wooden furniture shops. I couldn't locate a furniture shops which could meet my expectations and my budget.When I made a search for online furniture shops through internet,I got to see Induscraft's website.I was very much impressed by seeing those furniture which was in their website.But still I was in dilemma whether to trust such online shops.Finally I made up my mind and decided to give a trial.I placed order for Solid Wood Designer Sofa [INSS48] 2 sets,Ethnic Wooden Coffee Table [INCF17]and Curving Finish Wooden Entertainment Table [ INET19 ]and after for about 6 to 8 weeks of time I received a very good quality furniture's from the Induscraft people WITH FREE home delivery (without any damage in spite of heavy rains they delivered my furniture's safe.Thank you...

jyothi Bangalore 00:20:39 11-07-2013

A Million Thanks to Indus Craft and team....I received the sofa and the entertainment table yesterday night..Its so beautiful...the craftmanship is amazing...AMAzing...AMAZING and the quality of the product is toooooooo good. We were in two minds about ordering the sofa set through net. Since net shopping means we have to rely entirely on photos..But we are so glad, we went ahead..Now I wish I had ordered all my furniture from Indus Craft :) I'm sending a pic of my beautiful living room. Thanks so much once again

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