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Kirti Krishna Mumbai 13:09:08 12-31-2013

I had purchased a 6 seater dining set from induscraft. it was my first online furniture purchase but I liked the site and took my chance. I must say, the product was fantastic! although the delivery time was quite long, it was worth the wait as it was good sturdy quality and great value for money. thankyou induscraft.

shakti sinha hyderabad 10:13:17 11-21-2013

Received my sofa set yesterday. Good quality and finish. Very satisfied.

Mrs.S.Chitra Coimbatore 18:08:18 11-15-2013

Thank you very much will get back to you, when ever in need of furniture purchase. I decided not to buy furniture's any where else except Induscraft.

Mrs.S.Chitra Coimbatore 18:00:42 11-15-2013

When I planned to buy living room furniture's,I made a serious search in my home town in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, for a good quality wooden furniture shops. I couldn't locate a furniture shops which could meet my expectations and my budget.When I made a search for online furniture shops through internet,I got to see Induscraft's website.I was very much impressed by seeing those furniture which was in their website.But still I was in dilemma whether to trust such online shops.Finally I made up my mind and decided to give a trial.I placed order for Solid Wood Designer Sofa [INSS48] 2 sets,Ethnic Wooden Coffee Table [INCF17]and Curving Finish Wooden Entertainment Table [ INET19 ]and after for about 6 to 8 weeks of time I received a very good quality furniture's from the Induscraft people WITH FREE home delivery (without any damage in spite of heavy rains they delivered my furniture's safe.Thank you...

jyothi Bangalore 00:20:39 11-07-2013

A Million Thanks to Indus Craft and team....I received the sofa and the entertainment table yesterday night..Its so beautiful...the craftmanship is amazing...AMAzing...AMAZING and the quality of the product is toooooooo good. We were in two minds about ordering the sofa set through net. Since net shopping means we have to rely entirely on photos..But we are so glad, we went ahead..Now I wish I had ordered all my furniture from Indus Craft :) I'm sending a pic of my beautiful living room. Thanks so much once again

Preeti Saha Pune 00:17:58 11-07-2013

If u love wood furniture this is place for u. So highly professional people r thr to help u out and the quality is wonderful. total value for money. I bought my living room furniture and very happy with it. way to go guys .. thks team u r doin a great job ...

Lavanya Bangalore 02:27:22 10-04-2013

My furniture set got delivered today. I was not informed that the set will be dismantled. I was very disppointed initially by juz looking at several packs lying infront of my door step. Inspite of your team telling me that anybody can fix it, I showed my anger on him. But when I started to open the packets, I found it was far too easy to assemble it. Center table, corner unit and Roman were already fixed. It just took as an hour to fix the 3 seater and the single seater. 

Thank you Team. You have been so helpful and patient enough from the very beginning. I highly appreciate you for all the time you had taken to listen to my queries and resolve it.
Over all it was a pleasant experience shopping with you. I have many times in anger said that I will not shop with you in the future. But now, I take back those words and would come back to you whenever I need quality furniture. 
Thanks a ton. 

Srikanth chennai 12:58:47 09-27-2013

I had purchased a dining table set, sofa and cot through online from Induscraft. All products look very solid with a great workmanship. This was definitely a best buy and will recommend to others. Will surely buy from Induscraft when we plan to purchase any furniture in future.

Shaheen Mehra Delhi 02:31:44 08-30-2013

I'm Very happy with the product of sofa bed made by Induscraft! Neat finishing, solid and exact color polish! Only concern is that on the website the picture of the sofa bed has drawers at the bottom with 3 handles, my bed came with only 2 handles and centre one is missing! If u can send me th handle I can get a carpentar to attach it.. Thank you

tina mathur wellington 12:23:17 08-28-2013

this is the first time i am writing testimonial for my purchase and i just hope it get published . i would like to share that a GREAT PURCHASE EXPERIENCE depends on 2 factors .1st whether the product ordered has gone under quality check and 2nd the customer service responce and follow ups as committed. i would like to THANK INDUSCRAFT for exceeding in both quality and service. i am extremely happy with my first ever online furniture purchase . and i am looking for my many more years of bonding with INDUSCRAFT.kudos to your enitre team. do the best in quality and be the best in service. cheers , tina ... wellington , coonoor

Karan Sharma mumbai 07:49:52 08-23-2013

I have received the Bed and most congratulate on the high quality of the product. This is an excellent product and I would definitely come back again and also recommend it to others.

Sriraj New delhi 08:14:19 08-05-2013

Bought an Ethnic Indian Bed from Induscraft. Find it really a economical option for a durable/solid product. It is also worth to mention that the i had a pleasant experience with customer care team.

Lahari Shetty Mangalore 00:01:18 05-23-2013

I had ordered some furniture for my home in Mangalore from Induscraft. The order included 2 beds, a bedside table and a bench. The furniture delivered is beautiful. I am very happy with the furniture. Every visitor to our home admired it. It is sturdy and well finished. Keep it up. I will definitely recommend Induscraft.


I am planning to buy a sofa set and an entertainment table which will complete my requirement. After reading some negative comments about this enterprise, I wanted to submit a detailed testimonial so that any new skeptical buyer would come out of the confusion and go ahead and make a purchase. I feel it is the duty of every satisfied customer to convey his regards and submit a honest testimonial so as to encourage any online enterprise gain trust from new buyers. Hope my detailed 4 part testimonial would like to clear any doubts regarding Mr. Mukesh Jain of Induscraft, Jodhpur and his staff.  All the best to the team at Induscraft.


The customised china cabinet was offered at an unimaginable price for it's size and quality. This goes on to show these people can deliver what they say. They have the expertise and experience and most important of all they can be trusted. I searched more than three months but found many local hyderabad shops offer Malaysian or china furniture quality and durability are left to your imagination.Most of the time we find solid wood furniture very expensive or with out proper finish. I believe Induscraft, is the best source for people looking for good quality solid wood furniture at an affordable price. After seeing all the furniture in my home many of my friends are planning to place orders with them. To all the buyers looking to buy something from this enterprise,there is no need to worry just go ahead and buy from the comfort of your home, If at all there is an issue I am sure they will look into it.

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