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Riddhi 03:27:29 06-12-2012

I was very happy with the bed I received from Induscraft. Entire team was very cooperative and communicated with us constantly to update us on the status of the order. We received the bed on the promised delivery date and it was easy to assemble. Good stuff!

Srinivas 00:46:16 05-01-2012

I had got my farm house constructed few years ago.And the interiors were done on phase wise, with lot of my collectable furniture from different parts of India,which i had purchased during my travels through the years. But when it came to Furnishing rooms, i had trouble finding the right furniture. Since its a farm house,i wanted some rustic looking furniture to blend in with rest of the decor in the house. Ofcourse i had a very talented carpenter, but he was finding it hard to bring down the cost in making bed sets which, I had in my mind.Then I scouted all round the city,did find few retailers selling something similar. But they were charging a dime for the same.Since the furniture was for weekend home,i had to be more sensable in picking the lowcost and high quality furniture. After few days of searching madness, i gave google a try,the solution was right in the first search page,the fantastic Indus Craft,they answerd all my Bed set furniture requirements,I purchased the most beautifuly crafted and rustically done Bed set.They are indeed the best professional wood crafting company online.I am happy with my purchase from INDUSCRAFT.

Abhijit Kale Mumbai 06:09:01 04-16-2012

Great Variety of Furniture in every sence...Thnaks to induscraft to deliver the services which really in awesome way.! Abhijit Kale

Vishrut bangalore 05:59:14 03-22-2012

I have purchased Sofa set and TV wall unit from Induscraft in last year and I am happy to say that my choice was right. They delivered the furniture the way I want it maintaining the quality and standards. I am going to purchase some more furniture for my house from Induscraft again in this month. They keep up the good work. I highly recommend there website and service if you are looking for quality furniture matching your requirements and best in its class.

Parag Ghosh 03:15:20 03-03-2012

I bought the entire furniture for my house from Induscraft and I am glad that I did. Designs were what I was looking for, prices were reasonable, and quality was impressive. Packaging and transportation was world class. Now I have ordered some small items to complete the interiors. Eagerly waiting for them to arrive. Highly recommended. - Parag

Shankar GZB 00:54:41 02-13-2012

I have come across through one of my neighbour in newly build area in RNE, GZB and after seeing their products, and browsed website, I could not control myself without ordering (though I have already had most of the stuff)...I ordered Fusion Bedset and my own custom Design TV unit...wihtout any doubt, products were really amazing with great finish and good quality. Also, its so nice to see personal touch by Mr Jain as I have not even visited his site. I am sure he does his best to his customers and I am going to see long relationship with :) - All I can say, excellent stuff, great quality and amazing finish -- what else as a customer you need -- on top of the great personal care by Mr Jain himself --- Thanks

Shivani Jha Mumbai 03:31:10 02-06-2012

The first time I had bought my furniture was almost a couple of years back which was a bedroom set and that too I had personalized it. I am still happy with my buy...I had some issues with the termite though, but they immediately sent me those termite treatment products. Next, I bought a bookshelf and a shoe rack....the product is beautiful! I must say though, just check with them about how the courier thing works, whether it\'s a door to door service or not. I have ordered a study table now. I guess, you must have got an idea why I love to buy from them...You will never get disappointed! Atleast, they know how to make their customers feel special (by giving the best of rates, the personalization of furniture and good customer service)!

Anupama Joshi 02:03:18 01-30-2012

Thanks Induscraft, have been very happy with my purchase. Excellent bed and dinning table! Wg Cdr Anupama Joshi

Dr. Deepti Prasad 23:55:16 08-11-2011 has been a preferred one for us to buy our furniture from for over 7 years. They gives personal attention, gives us personal terms, customoses for us and is polite and polished in their interaction. We have ordered over a dozen large and small pieces of furniture from them from two different cities. Their furniture lasts well and is not made of poor quality material. The only trouble I have had with him is on two occasions that I have ordered beds, one double bed in 2005 and a pair of children\'s beds in 2010, they have not sent us the complete pieces that I have paid in advance for. In spite of giving repeated requests and reminders, I am still waiting for the four wooden pillar-posters that he had promised to provide and taken advance payment for my white children\'s beds. This has made me reluctant to order again, unfortunately, even with such a long standing relationship."

Response from "Induscraft"

Deepti Ji Thanks for your understanding  and such a nice words for us

We aploize for this inconvience,as per our record we already dispatched the same.Will check this with cargo and do needful for tll 27th of Aug.

G Chiranjeevi Kumar 03:10:30 07-19-2011


Mythili 01:01:25 04-13-2011

When setting up my house I came across this site only when most of my furnishing was complete. I bought the master bedroom set from Induscraft. The contemporary designs I chose and customized were exactly to the specifications I gave and the product delivery was given to me within the timeframe agreed on. Even with the shipping costs the furniture I bought was way cheaper considering the high quality than what I bought in Bangalore. Henceforth any furniture I want to buy is only going be from as this is the most satisfying experience Ive had from a cost as well as quality perspective!! Love the variety of products you have

Shweta 12:30:00 03-18-2011

First time I purchased furniture online. Great furniture with a good price. I got what i was looking for. The quality of wood and the polish used was upto my expectations. Lookin forward to buying more pieces from him. Definitely beats Fab India furniture

Ashish Garg 11:07:38 05-16-2010

I am a resident of Mumbai and purchased furniture when i moved into a new house. I found the details of online. I was a little speculative of ordering the furniture from that far but i became more confident after having a phone conversation with their representative and went ahead to order furniture from induscraft. I wasnt disappointed in my choice for going ahead as the quality of the product is amazing . I would recommend this as a very good option for furniture. Cheers Induscraft for the great service and the furniture. Ashish

mrs bose 07:35:45 04-09-2010

My experience of buying furniture online turned out to be excellent thanks to  induscraft. grat stuff , reasonable rates is what i got being a first time customer . The deal was so smooth & didnt require me to go hunting in the shops just great buying at the click of the mouse ! the way it was packed just made it impossible for any damage to the material . i look forward to buying more furniture from Indus.

Anupriya Singhal 11:19:26 12-08-2009

i bought my entire furniture from induscraft when i got married. it is a talking point amongst everyone who visits our house considering that in bbay its very rare to find furniture that is so regal and yet very functional.

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