Why Buy from Induscraft

We understand that Your Home is much more then just many walls but a place which gives you a great sense of belonging and pride. And at Induscraft, we want to help you to build a sense of pride about your home with our furniture

We not only have skilled hands and unique designs to showcase , but 10 Big Reasons for you to buy high quality furniture for your home from Induscraft :   

  1. Our pedigree of having a strong understanding of furniture with experience of over 15 years+ in of decorating homes across India and abroad making it a dream home
  2. We have more than 1000 satisfied customers across India and abroad
  3. Since our “Everyday” work deals with Wood, we basically know wood in and out; and hence can assist in making the best choices for your furniture. We pick out high quality wood straight from the market to help carve beautiful designs worth your investment!
  4. Knowing that we are promising to deliver the best, the process begins right from the stage of getting raw materials to provide you the most favoured finished product. We believe equally in functionality and design, and taking that forward, we strike a balance between both in every piece we create
  5. Our craftsmen are employed to exhibit their talent, by working to create something off the wood which they have at their hands. Our craftsmen define our work and its style!
  6. Our online and offline platforms are as transparent as a mirror!We have no hidden costs and no middlemen to increase the cost of the product you buy from us
  7. We provide you Ethnic furniture designs with a Contemporary twist that only add more life and grace to your home
  8. We provide a special service of Customizing your Furniture.Induscraft believes that every home is different and has a personality of its own. To meet the requirments of such consumers and their homes, we let them customise their furniture pieces at ease with the right assistance from our support team and craftsmen.
  9. Though most of our articles do not require separate assembly, we still do provide free installation for the required Furniture (like Beds and Dining Tables) in few select cities as soon as your handcrafted furniture arrives at your doorstep. So we take away the hassle of setting up the furniture
  10. Last but not the least, we are constantly working hard to bring to homes across India furniture that is is well designed, of high quality wood and at an affordable price !

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